Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Series Shmeries!!!!

So with the release of the newest Crossfire novel Entwined With You, I have dove head first without taking a breath back into the land of Eva and Gideon Cross. It's a hot hot world out there ladies! I impatiently awaited my download of Entwined With You and was so excited when it finally downloaded!

I immediately opened it on my Kindle app on my iPad and was just as quickly irritated that I didn't know what the hell was going on! I have a tendency of reading books so fast. I devour them. This can cause quite an issue when it comes time to read a new book in a series when they only come out once a year or 2 years!

I read series. I love them. I live for them. I am a big time follower of about 18 different series. Why? Because I don't have to let go of my beloved characters, the people I invest so much time into learning about. I don't like knowing I will never hear anything new about a character that I have grown to love. When the final Harry Potter book came out I seriously cried knowing I would never have another book about Harry Potter and his band of amazing friends.

This is how I will feel when JR Ward discontinues her Black Dagger Brotherhood books and her Fallen Angels books. I will feel this sadness when Iris Johansen no longer writes Eve Duncan books. Janet Evanovich stops the Stephanie Plum hilarity from being in my life and every other author I read a series from. It's madness!

The problem with the newest Crossfire novel is that I was introduced to them as a way to get over my Fifty Shades of Grey hangover I had and now the stories are running together in my head at times. I have seriously been Crossfire reading for the past two days! (Thank god for unemployment!) I re-read Bared to You in less than one day and I am like 80% through Reflected in You so that means I am only 20% away from restarting Entwined With You!

On that note I want to know what you guys do when a new book comes out in a series. Do you read them all over again to refresh your memory? Do you skim through the last book? Just re-read the last book? Just dive right into the newest book and go from there??

Let me know in the comments below!

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