Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Covet by JR Ward

My favorite thing about starting this site almost a year ago is definitely the amazing suggestions I have been getting from all of you, my fellow reviewers (Destiny & Jamie) and Beck Valley Books. I absolutely love working with all of you and I am so excited to be running this site and giving back to all of you with suggestions and reviews!

Last week I found myself without anything new to read. I immediately went through my TBR list and nothing was jumping out at me as a read me read me book. I will read them all eventually but I just didn't feel like any of them were what I should read right then and there.

I shot Destiny a message on Facebook and asked her for a suggestion and she asked me if I had read the Fallen Angel Series by JR. Ward. Now being a new fan of the "Warden" as she is lovingly referred, I went to my favorite site to find out what the first book was in the series.

The site Fantastic Fiction or has been a savior to me many times. I am one of those people that HATE reading books out of order so when a friend of mine told me about this site almost 10 years ago I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! I had finally found the site I was looking for! This site will tell you not only the books to series in order, but it will also show you EVERY single fiction book out there and when it came out or when it is coming out and give you blurbs on the books that have already had their back/inside covers released.

So I flew off to Fantastic Fiction and pulled up JR Ward and found the list of books in order for the Fallen Angel's series and immediately began reading Covet.

I had gotten these books about a year or so ago and for whatever reason I just never read them. Maybe I had others that were just more interesting at the time or I had a review for a book for Beck Valley Books or MVM that had to come first. For the life of me I can not understand why I didn't devour them as soon as they were acquired!

As soon as I began the first book and met Jim Heron and Vin diPietro I was in love! The book begins with Jim and his history as a member of Xcorps, a secret military branch that specializes in assassinations  He has left the group (against the rules) and ends up at a bar where he meets a woman and takes her back to his truck and has his hot hot way with her. He wakes up the next morning, goes to work as a contractor and gets distracted by the owner of the property and ends up being electrocuted and dies. My eyes could not believe what they were reading!!! What in the world is going on? Why would they introduce you to a character and then kill him off within the first 5% of the book? Where could they possibly go from here?

The answer was revealed right away. It just so happens that Jim is going to "save all of humanity" and will be returning to earth as an angel who has a mission. He must save 7 souls and if he does all of the souls that have been damned will be released and the world's humanity will be saved. If he fails all of the souls in heaven and hell will be damned and humanity lost.

That's all I can really say about it without giving a boat load away. (The "Ward-en" has a tendency to give so much in her books so reviewing them has been difficult without ruining major plot twists to my readers.) You will fall in love with their characters and their struggles, hate the bad guys or lady in this case, and root for the good guys to kick some ass!!!!

I will tell you this much. As a BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood) fan, I was excited to see some of the same character's show up in these books too (it's also set in Caldwell, NY) BUT while the setting and some of the characters make cameo appearances, it is not the same so if you are looking for a second BDB series you are looking in the wrong place and shame on you because nothing can take the place of the brothers!!!! :)

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