Monday, April 8, 2013

BDB: Lover At Last by JR Ward

This is the book I have been impatiently awaiting for! I have wanted to know what happens with the Quinn/Blay characters ever since they were introduced and now that I know I can honestly say it was worth the wait!!!!

If you haven't read the Black Dagger Brotherhood books I am going to tell you to walk away now. :) This is a big old SPOILER ALERT!!!


Now that everyone has found their loves it was only right for these two hot hot hot men to find theirs too right? I was honestly a bit worried about how Ward was going to tackle a gay love story and how people were going to respond to it. I cruised the major sites like amazon and barnes and noble and read what everyone else had to say while i was awaiting my chance to read the book and make my own opinions.

I am the girl who re-reads a series (or at least the last couple of books) before she reads a new book to refresh myself. With the BDB series I pulled out the full collection starting with Beth and Wrath and ending with Tohrment and No'One! I had pre-ordered this newest installment as soon as I could so come midnight it was sitting on my Kindle app taunting me! I stuck to my guns though and didn't jump into it without reading the last sentence of the last book! Those were the hardest hours of my life! I didn't sleep because I was reading the books so quick so I could start my newest story!

Blay has always had a special space in my heart. He was always so kind and sweet and caring and repeatedly had his heart trampled by Quinn's playboy ways. Everytime he had to watch his best friend pick up a new faceless nameless girl at SumZero, everytime Quinn would be with Layla the Chosen, Blay would die a little inside and I would hurt for him.

Then in walks Saxton and I think YES! Someone for Blay finally!!! And yet I was still saddened because I knew that "Blaxton" could never be as hot and fullfilling as "Blinn" or "Quay". This book didn't disappoint in the slightest! I was so thrilled with the way things worked themselves out!

Now I am going to impatiently await the next book and wonder who it will be centered around...will it be Xcor and Layla? One of the shadows? The Scribe Virgin herself??? The suspense will kill me for the next year!!!!!

Have you read any of the books??? Have you read this one? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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