Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonky Wednesday: Criminal Case?!?! What Amazingness Is This?!?!?

So about a month ago a few weeks ago (if that) Destiny was blowing up my Facebook news feed with all of these notifications. There were tons of them about this crazy game Criminal Case.

Now a little back story on Destiny and I and games:

Destiny single-handedly was the reason I got hooked on the Facebook game Ghosts of Mistwood. We would talk for hours to each other about books and everything else all while playing this stupid, addictive, time-suck of a game. We would send each other things when we needed it and talk about how stupid the game was all while we continued to play the game over and over until finally we stopped around the same time and never really thought much about it after that.

Then came all of these "Criminal Case" notifications and like a dummy I thought "Hmm. Wonder what that game is all about?" and what do you know my dumb-ass clicked the link and I was introduced to the newest time suck in my life.

It's like "Where's Waldo? & Eye Spy & Hidden Objects" all in one game! You play the levels by searching for items. Those items give you points. Those points add up to Stars those stars can be used to buy more energy and to proceed further in the case. And as you proceed you need to search more levels for more stuff. It's a seriously screwed up cycle and I am caught up big-time.

Worst part? The damn game reaches out to your other Facebook friends and sucks them in too!

Facebook Criminal Case? Game, Match Set. You were a lovely competitor and I bow down to you...

Now I can't blog anymore right now because my energy is probably re-filled and I am really going to need to get that other star that I am fighting for. Yeah I have a problem....

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