Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lola Cruz Mysteries by Melissa Ramirez

A couple of weeks ago I was heading out for a fun in the sun weekend at Hollywood Beach, Florida and I asked our amazing Facebook fans for some great recommendations for some traveling books! 

Our fan Tammy really really came through for me and suggested I read the Lola Cruz mystery series by Melissa Ramirez because she knew of my amazing love and obsession with the Stephanie Plum series! 

These books are (in order because we know how much I hate reading books out of order):

  1. Living La Vida Lola  
  2. Hasta La Vista, Lola 
  3. Bare-Naked Lola 
There is also a Christmas themed prequel called the Lola Cruz Christmas Story that I may read right now rather than save it for Christmas time like I normally would because I am that sad to be through all three books that are currently out! 

Lola was described to me as a Latin Stephanie Plum and with the characters involved in these books, the love interest stories, the mystery, and the suspense I must say I definitely agree! These books were hilarious and grabbed me from the very first couple of pages! I was hooked and I sped right through the following two books something I both love and hate! I love to be able to re-read them later on and learn new things but I hate that I get through them so fast! 

If I had to put them in order from the one I liked the most to the least I would probably go with 1,3,2. I liked the second book don't get me wrong but I cracked up and laughed out loud on more than one occasion in the last one. The very first one of any series always seems to be my favorite. I love how we learn about the characters and their backgrounds and in a series you will learn that many of the future books twists have their groundwork laid for them in the very first book.

Go check the books out! 

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