Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wonky Wednesday: Superbowl XLVII

Ok guys and dolls its that time of year again....FLU SEASON!!!

Nope just kidding lol it's Superbowl time!

Now before I go any further I am not a Ravens fan and I am not a 49's fan so I am way out of my element but I was hoping to convince the fiancé (ce for short) to write something up being a huge football addict and well that did not work out because he has been extremely busy with student teaching and has not had time to do a post so you are stuck with me :) lucky you!

So anyways here is my take on the Super Bowl. Unless the raiders miraculously make it into the Super Bowl or the steelers make it there again I really don't care about the actual game. My whole entire reason for watching the Super Bowl on years when my teams are not participating is the commercial entertainment.

Do I watch the game? Yes no matter what I do because that's what you do on Super Bowl Sunday if you watch football at all! Now I have been known to rewind a commercial and be behind. This caused a big problem in my house about 7 years ago when the steelers were in the Super Bowl and won. I was on my computer and watching the game. I apparently felt the need to rewind a commercial and never switched it back to live so we were about 4 minutes behind on the game. Next thing I know my news feed fills with things like "Steelers win Again!!!" and "Steel curtain triumphs" and in my confusion I read them to my roommate who needless to say incredibly unhappy that I not only FORCED her to watch the game and let me rewind the commercials I like (what can I say I loved the E-Trade baby that year) but I also forgot one of the times to hit live AND THEN RUINED THE OUTCOME BECAUSE OF FACEBOOK! Lol

I don't believe I was ever forgiven for that one.

So here are my questions for you.

Do you watch the Super Bowl?
Who do you want to win this year?
And are you like me and LOVE watching the commercials???? What has been your most favorite commercial of all time to run during the Super Bowl?

Tell me about it in the comments below!!!!

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