Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonky Wednesday: iPad Mini Review

iPad mini: Every Inch an iPad...

This is the catchphrase for this fabulous piece of electronic heaven. I searched high and low from the time I heard the rumor of a smaller iPad in June or July and I was all over the place looking for all of the latest information that was being released online. By the time the day came for Apple to announce their newest products I was so thirsty for this product I couldn't stand it. You see, I have an iPhone and have had one for quite some time. I have had just about every one of them from the original and very first to the current 5 that I am using right now. The only one I did not get was the 4S because I had the 4 and didn't see Siri as a reason to get a whole new phone. I didn't see any big changes in the phone from the 4 to the 4S so I decided to save my upgrade for the 5.

What does all of this have to do with an iPad?? Well my fiance and family and friends all thought I was one of those crazy Apple people that had to have the newest gadget no matter what the cost but yet I kept putting off buying an iPad. Honestly I loved the iPad and really wanted to get one but I hated the size of it, hence the large amount of excitement about the mini!

After the big reveal I told my fiance' that the ONLY thing I wanted for Christmas was an iPad mini and that is exactly what I got! I even got a better one than I originally hoped for because I may be marrying the worst procrastinator that there ever was. On the Friday before Christmas, I got the most frantic call ever from him saying that he had waited too long and now I wouldn't be getting my iPad for Christmas. Well after a couple of phone calls by me (must we women do everything?) I was able to find 4 but they were all the 32GB versions and would be a bit more money. He went and got it and all was good and now I can write this fabulous review.

It's awesome. I love it. I am so glad I waited!

I can't do a big comparison between the iPads because I have not had one before but I will give you a few things I like about this one that I know i wouldn't like about the others.

First off the size. Seriously I have small hands and typing on the mini can be hard enough but there is no way I would have been able to use the regular sized iPad comfortably. it's perfect and while we did have and are still having problems finding the "perfect" case for it I am happy with the size and the case I have currently.

Second thing I love is probably nothing to anyone that has had any previous versions of the iPad but I love that my iMessages go to my iPad too. There have been a few instances where I have been texting and on my iPad and it really made things very easy for me to continue my conversation and still continue blogging or wedding planning without having to have 2 devices in my hand.

The next thing I love about this new device is the ability to really have control over my documents and with apps like Calender, Reminders, Mail, Dropbox and DocumentsToGo. When wedding planning, it is so hard to keep things straight and with those few apps I am killing this wedding planning business. :)

So now I want to know from all of you! Because I have not been a previous iPad user I am still really green on this whole system so I would love it if I could get a couple of recommendations for some great apps that have made your life easier!


  1. I love my iPad like a member of the family. It has been all I can do to keep from getting a Mini...

    1. I love my mini! I am really happy that I waited for the perfect iPad for me!!!


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