Monday, January 28, 2013

NEW!!!! Music Mondays!!

Hey all! It's Ashley here! I am a HUGE music lover! I sing anywhere and everywhere and I listen to music all day long. My favorite shows of the moment are shows like Glee, Nashville and Smash! 

Glee is my new guilty pleasure. I had always heard about it and for whatever reason never watched it but I started recently and pulled up my Netflix account and I was lost in Glee for DAYS! I was up for hours on end just watching this amazing show with its amazing music! I found myself downloading all of the many Glee soundtracks and playing them in my car, in my office, at the gym and at work! I love how it is reintroducing me to some of my old favorite songs and I  love that I can seriously throw a Glee only playlist together on my Spotify and never hear the same song twice even if I am listening to the songs all day at work! \

The next one is another new obsession, Nashville! I love the story lines in the show but I am obsessed with the music from the show much more! My favorite song so far is Fade Into You. It was the song that "landed" the song writers in the show their contract with the music house. It was a beautiful song and even the fiance loves it. I seriously play the songs from the two song writers Charlotte and Gunner over and over. They are my favorites!

Smash was another great show I got hooked on because of the music. I have even gotten my fiance hooked on this one! He can be caught listening to the music in the shower mostly but let me tell ya he wants to be someone's star and I LOVE IT!!! LOL We went on a road trip last Memorial day weekend and took a good friend of ours with us and he was not as amused with our choice of Smash music and Britney Spears. Hey what can I say I like to sing and I like to sing just about everything! 

So what do you listen to??? Where is your favorite place to listen to music? Do you sing in the car? the shower? Do you karaoke?? What is your favorite thing about the music you listen to?? Do you listen to the song or to the lyrics or both?

Yep I just asked you like 7 or 8 questions so you can answer them below in the comments! :) 

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