Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Manifest: Top 7 Apple Apps

Hey all I am obsessed with my newest toy! I got an iPad mini for Christmas and now I want to give you guys a preview of my Wonky Wednesday post :)

Here are my top 7 favorite Apple Apps!

1. DropBox - This is my favorite app. I love that I can access things for work, home, play, and the wedding all in one place and on any computer with internet access! I even upgraded my account to give me 100GB worth of space and I am well on my way to having to add more space within the next year! It's awesome to be able to put anything in there and not have it take up all of the space on my phone, iPad or computer!

2. Blogger - This app is coming in handy on my iPad. Now no matter where I am I can start up and write blog posts. I have had more drafts drawn up on this blog in the past month (that means you have a lot to look forward to!) than I think I have ever had in the history of this entire sites existence! I will let my fellow bloggers know that I have not yet mastered the link adding and HTML for the site yet but I am working on learning how to do that :)

3. Facebook/Facebook Page Manager - This is a great app to have for any blogger or just any facebook user. I love that I can share things on the go no matter where I am! It keeps me connected with all of you and with all of my friends near and far!

4. Find My iPhone - This may have been the most hilarious app to have especially since my fiance and I have the same iTunes account and I didn't realize I could randomly lock him out of his phone lol It was hilarious for me but not so much for him :)

5.  Pinterest - I love being able to add things to my pin boards on the go! I love grabbing my inspirations and making them reality when I am shopping and when I am cooking!

6. Kindle/iBooks - I can read no matter where I am and I love love love that I can shop for a book on the go and on trips. It's really going to come in handy in a couple of weeks when I am stuck on a plane for hours going to a wedding and having to kill time in the airport and everywhere else :)

7. Spotify - This is last on my list but certainly not least!!! I love love love me some Spotify! I use this all the time at the gym and at home! For a measly $9.99 a month I get full access to all the music that Spotify has to offer!!! I definitely recommend it to anyone who is working out or anyone that can access this program on a computer at home or at work :)

So there are my top 7 which are yours?????

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