Monday, December 3, 2012

Stay Close by Harlan Coben

This was a twisting, turning, and captivating story.  Would you expect anything less from Harlan Coben?  It’s a little different for me, just because it wasn’t about Myron or Mickey Bolitar, but it was the same kind of feel because Coben’s writing is always great.  Megan has a past; it’s a past she’s tried to put behind her and tried to forget.  Seventeen years later something happens and makes her go back to Atlantic City, where everything from her past comes flooding back.  Men are disappearing or men are being murdered.  Megan thinks she can help.  She confides in Broome, the detective on the case for all these years.  He’s never given up and he continues to try to solve the mystery.

This books keeps you entertained and focused – you just have to know what’s going on and what really happened all those years ago, and what still seems to be happening now.  I definitely recommend this book… but you knew I would, it’s Harlan Coben after all.

Four out of five stars!

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