Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 31: The End of It All :)

So today is the day Yesterday was the day since this didn't post like it was supposed to :)  I am going to let ya know that while I love posting something new often enough for you guys EVERYDAY is HARD no, nearly impossible! We are a team of 3 women PLUS other guest reviewers and for us to struggle with this assignment really said a lot! LOL I think next time we take a challenge it will be a 10 or 15 day challenge instead :) We are just not yet ready for that kind of commitment! LOL

One thing I did love about it was the amount of new readers who messaged us or commented on our page about how they were so happy to have found our site because of the linky on the Nester's Website! That's great because we are always happy to have a new reader or writer! Some people want so bad to blog but think that they can't do it because they do not know how to do HTML code (guess what??? I don't either I learn as I go!) or they don't think that anyone would want to hear what they have to say (yes they do because that's what is great about the internet! There are millions of people JUST LIKE YOU)

We have the links that will stay up on our sites both at the bottom of theses posts AND on the page tabby at the top! I seriously suggest at least checking out the other 31 Day'ers  and seeing if you find any new people to follow! I know I have added around 10 - 20 blogs on my blogroll to read and I couldn't be happier! 

So tell me now in the comments, which one of the 31 days posts did you like most?? Which one will you go back and read?? Which will you share????

Let me know! :) And THANK YOU for sticking with us through the last 31 days! Welcome to all of the new readers! :) Thank you to the Nester for creating an awesome linky! :)

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