Monday, November 26, 2012

And We're Back!!!!

Hey-Yo Fellow Book worms!!!! There has been a lot going on in our lives so I figured that we owed YOU an explanation for falling off the face of the earth! Here is your update on our lives!

Me (Ashley): Well as if life in general wasn't crazy enough I decided that to help make a little extra spending money I would start selling Thirty-One so I have been crazy busy doing home and online parties and I am loving every minute of it. Like that wasn't enough for me I also had the pleasure of being proposed to on the 16th of November and I get to marry my lovely boyfriend now my "ce'"!!! I am getting married and the wedding planning is in full force but after the last week of crazy crazy planning and talking to different vendors about our plans for the day I realized that I missed reading! I miss it like crazy so I am going to make sure to make time for this blog and my kindle AGAIN! I am going to do everything I can to keep up with reading and making sure that there are loads of reviews for you all! One is coming very very soon!!!! So thats what is going on with me!!! I am going to let Destiny and Jamie let you know what has been going on with them next!!!!

Destiny:  As you all know, I have been ummm... Needle deep... In the whole IVF process. An entire cycle takes much longer than just one calendar month, much to my surprise. Not to mention I've been suffering from the ONE risk of IVF, ohss. It's been rough, painful road, but I am finally getting better. I HAVE been reading, though, so I will have reviews coming soon <3

Jamie: I quit my job at the end of for the first couple of weeks in October I was reading like crazy and cranking out the reviews! I got caught up with hanging out with my two year old and doing other things around the house. I've realized that I missed reading and I'm ready to get back to it.

So there you have it our horrible excuses for why we haven't been around but we are all making a vow to try our best to get you more reviews!!!

Thanks for hangin in there with us!!! :)

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