Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wonky Wednesday!! Hello IVF meds

Hey all!!

In my last post I let you all in on the fact that this month is our big IVF month!! I also told you that things would be getting crazy with injections and check ups and all that goodness. Well today I'm giving you a quick glimpse into how crazy my days are!!

Right now we are just doing one injection per night (plus birth control and prenatal vitamins!). It's easy. Next week we have my "suppression check" or baseline appointment. I'll be handing over my Visa to plop down almost every penny we raised (some is due later or will be used for the med refills). It will be the biggest payment ever made from that card, and now that I think about it... I better let my bank know that the transaction will be taking place so they don't try to block it! THAT would stink!

After that baseline appointment, the "stims" will start. That means I'll have 3 shots A NIGHT. All at the same time. In total, I will be getting over 44 shots. I will be getting a progesterone shot nightly after the egg retrieval and I don't have that shot calculated in (it starts after the egg retrieval and will continue through the first trimester if a pregnancy is achieved.... and it's a tush shot so the needle is AS LONG AS MY PINKY and is given NIGHTLY! Oh joy!).

I knew all of this was going to happen, just like this. It didn't sink in until I got the visuals though. So here I'm going to share my visuals with you!!!

My personal IVF calendar!!!

See all those highlights? Those are each shot. This was before we started on any of the injections. We are on day 4 today, and I have taken GREAT JOY in crossing off each day once we are done with the injection!!!!

Now... On to the visual that REALLY made me realize THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING....

Lupron is what I am on now. It suppresses my ovaries (so they'll respond better to the stims).
Menopur is one of the stims (and that's only half the med in the pic, the other half was donated by a wonderful friend who had some leftover).
Follistim is the other stim. It's in a neat little pen! It's also the MOST expensive medicine I'll be on.
HCG trigger is the medicine I'll get that will force my eggs to mature and prepare for ovulation (but the eggs will get sucked out RIGHT before that point).
And then there's the wonderful Progesterone in Oil shot that I will get nightly. Whew. That's the one I'm looking forward to the LEAST. But I'll be taking it for a very good reason so I will put a smile on my face and JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!!

So there you have it. That is what my month is going to be made up of. Well, what the rest of my year will be made up of if this is successful. AND I AM READY!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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