Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TV Tuesday: Grey's Anatomy 10-4-12

The second episode of the season took us back to some of the plane crash and then what happened to each character after they were found. Meredith kept wanting to get out of the hospital bed; she needed to know where Derek was, where Cristina was. Finally she saw the familiar faces of Bailey and Webber, Bailey was holding Zola! Cristina was extremely violent as she came into the hospital. After the violent streak she just laid in the hospital bed not moving and not talking to anyone – in complete shock over what had happened. At one point she tells Owen everything… about how she tried to help protect Arizona’s leg, it was so cold and the fire went out, everyone was asleep and she could hear the wild animals getting closer to them.

This episode showed us that Mark was actually awake and was able to talk to his friends and co-workers when they got back to Seattle Grace. The first episode made it like he had been out of it the entire time. It was nice of them to show us a little of the old Mark before he passed on. Derek had to have a couple of different surgeries on his hand and it’s still not functioning at 100%. He’s still working in the hospital, but as a consultant on other surgeries.

We were also shown how the decision was made to amputate Arizona’s leg. Callie had promised Arizona that she wouldn’t let that happen, but her leg was infected and it was effecting her overall health, made it so she crashed right there in front of Alex – thank goodness he was there when it happened. He flew into the OR to talk with Callie, it was there that Callie told him to cut Arizona’s leg off. She made the decision to save Arizona’s life.

I think this was the first episode in quite some time that I DIDN’T cry during! It was jam-packed full of information… and now I can’t wait until two weeks from now to see the next episode!

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