Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The 10th Anniversary by James Patterson

The 10th Anniversary started out at the wedding of Lindsay and Joe – they were finally tying the knot! All of the members of The Women’s Murder Club were there, her partner Rich was there, and Jacobi walked her down the aisle. The day was perfect and they were all set to start their married life together.

With no better way to show that life continues, even after a wedding, Lindsay dives back into a strange case of a fifteen year old girl being picked up off the street and taken to the Emergency Room. She’s just given birth and is bleeding badly. She tells lies and gives the police nothing to go off of. Her parents are brought in, her schoolmates are interviewed, her teachers are interviewed… they gradually gain enough information to really figure this case out. Lindsay and Claire (the lead Medical Examiner and also Lindsay’s best friend) head to Oregon to hopefully rescue the baby.

Yuki, who works for the DA, is working on the murder conviction of a prominent heart surgeon, over the killing of her husband. She thinks she has it all figured out and how to put the doctor away. Of course it’s not that easy and many obstacles are in her path. Lindsay gets involved and helps Yuki work on the case.

Cindy, the Crime Reporter for the Chronicle has been investigating random drugging and rapes around town. She gets into a horrible situation herself with Lindsay and Rich coming to the rescue.

I’m always ending my reviews like this, but if I tell you anything else it’ll ruin the book. So, happy reading! Let me know what you think of it! I love this series!

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