Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Why I've been MIA!!

Hey readers and blog followers! Destiny here! Have you missed me?? Hmmm???

I've missed you all, and I've missed reading FUN books... ENTERTAINING books... books about things OTHER than stabbing yourself in the stomach and tush and getting your eggs sucked out of you and then embryos put back in and blah blah blah.

Really all that blah blah blah IS REALLY SUPER EXCITING and as scary as it all is... I'm ready! Are you confused yet??

Over the last few weeks I've been seriously focused on every IVF book I have. I'm a planner and a researcher and I'm one of those people who have to be prepared for EVERY LITTLE THING (good and bad). So that is what I'm doing. Preparing myself. Because my IVF cycle begins THIS MONTH!!!

With all of this focus and learning and researching (and soon the actual procedures themselves), I haven't had much time to Review and Rate. Only READ READ READ!! I wanted to quickly let you all know where I've been (and where I'll be for a while)...

And this post wouldn't really fit into this page if I didn't at least let you know which books I'm reading! Maybe you're going through this too. Maybe it's in your future. Maybe you know someone who has to go through this. Educate yourself and encourage your loved ones to educate themselves too. You'll need the support (or your loved one will need the support). And my two favorite IVF books will help you along the way!!!

The Couples Guide to In Vitro Fertilization by Liza Charlesworth
IVF: The Wayward Stork by Lea L McCarthy and Sarah A Tursi

You need these two books on your book shelf!! Or, maybe you need them in your purse. On your night stand. Where ever you'll be able to reach them quick if you're questioning ANYTHING.

The Couples Guide is more in depth (and includes charts and graphs and tons of interesting fertility facts) while The Wayward Stork is a more straight forward, quick book that doesn't beat around the bush.
Both books have a positive spin on the entire process, which I personally appreciate. I consider myself a realist so to see the numbers put out there in writing is really comforting. To read books written BY IVF patients--patients that had success--makes me feel confident that this CAN work for us. And that's JUST what I need in this point of our journey!!

I will give a more detailed review of each book soon! I can't wait to get back to reading fun books and reviewing them for you all!!!

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