Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 19, 20 & 21: Apologizing and Books I Am Reading Right Now!!

Sorry it's been a couple of days. I was really proud of our ability to post every day for the last 18 days of the month. Well Friday we fell off the wagon. Life has been getting in the way of everything lately but I am going to make sure that that does not include this site. We all really really care about our readers and love that you guys look forward to our new posts every day/week. Granted after this 31 day challenge is over we are going to go back to posting 1-2 posts 3-4 days a week. not every day because let me tell ya I am exhausted lol. So on that note here are the books I am currently reading :)

  1. Soloman vs. Lord by Paul Levine - I got this one off of Pixel of Ink for FREE!!! Love it so far! Can't wait to keep going into this series! 
  2. Men Don't Pee Straight by Mr. Rick Dean - This one is hilarious! AND great news is that I am going to be posting a review, author interview AND GIVEAWAY!!! We are going to give away 3-4 copies of this book to our readers so stay tuned to hear more about that!!!! 

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