Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: What Happened To My Library I Used to Know?

Today (Wednesday...sorry I just had to write about this so you get it on Thursday instead lol) I went to my public library for the first time in probably at least a year or more. One thing about a library is no matter how many times you have gone into one, no matter where it is, no matter how old you are or how long it's been since you set foot in one you know where you are no matter what. You know it by the smell, the sounds, the feeling when you walk through those doors. Today I learned though that the library I remember from when I was younger and would beg and plead with my grandpa (he watched me while my mom was at work) to take me to the library no longer exists. It was dead. Not at all like the library I used to know. There were hardly any people in the place. There were computers open for miles and the employees were not those wonderful people I came to love for helping me pick out the perfect 5 books (yes I said 5-that was the limit on my minor card back then). The children's section was empty and there were no kids playing on the 20+ year old comfy plastic/leather chairs that I used to cuddle up on with a book and read until my eyes hurt.

The kicker.....They didn't have the book I went for! I went there for the sole reason of picking up the second book in the Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts (Key of Knowledge - Ironic isn't it?). I have read that trilogy around 3-4 times at least since 2004 when it came out. I have it on my kindle and I actually just listened to it via Audiobook about a month ago. I had checked it out through the online lending system that my local public library offers. The book was able to be downloaded and burnt to CD so I did so and let my mom listen to it when I was done. She was hooked and today told me she was on the last disc and would need the next one in the set so off to the library I went to pick up a hard copy version because I am out of CD's and didn't have the time to go and buy a spool of them. 

I walked in and went straight to a computer with the catalog on it and punched in Key of Knowledge and found 6 items available. All of them were my book!!! Yes!!! I thought I had hit the jackpot. After reading through the listings though something struck me. There was a hardback version, paperback, large print, electronic audio copy, electronic copy for an ereader of your choice, and a CASSETTE VERSION!!! Yes you read it right! CASSETTE!!! Now nothing against those that have a cassette player that you still use but SERIOUSLY?!?!?! I immediately walked up to the lady at the desk who did not look like she could be bothered with my petty issue and asked her to look for me so that I could be sure and so that I would know that what I was reading was in fact correct. Much to my disappointment they only had it available on location in Cassette form. 

What has happened to my library? I don't think I can ever remember going to the library and NOT finding what I went for. If they didn't have it it was because someone else had checked it out and I would just put my little name on the little list so that I would get a call when my book was returned. I know that E-Readers like Kindle have made more people spend less time in libraries because you just have to click a couple of buttons and you can find any book you would ever need right there on your screen. My TBR list has grown to outrageous and impossible lengths because of my Kindle. I go online and anytime I see a book that I like I buy it and download it. I get a daily email from Pixel-of-Ink and get a listing of all free and discounted books for that day. Now if I like a book I don't have to worry about whether or not I am going to have space on my shelves or in my home anywhere for it. I just download it and add it to the now 850+ books I can carry around in my purse with me. 

I just got really sad and depressed walking around that big library where I pretty much grew up knowing that my Kindle is going to eventually be the death of this place. I miss those days and just really want to know....What happened to my library I used to know?

How about you? Any of you gone to a library recently? How was it? How many people were there??? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to click the Giveaways tag to the right and enter some of our great giveaways we have going on! 

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