Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bohemia by Veronika Carnaby

Bohemia relays the adventures of four young people living in London in the 1960’s – Valerie, Emmaline, Jimmy and Lester.  The girls had finished school and were just hanging around their hometown.  They stumbled upon Jimmy and Lester and they offered them a place to work.  They learned to dance and then showed their skills every night while the guys served drinks at a local bar.  They all lived together in the same small apartment, but they were comfortable and they made it work.

Jimmy left for a few weeks and when he came back he told them they were all going to America for new opportunities.  The settled into a tiny three bedroom apartment in New York.  After a couple of months Jimmy and Lester came home from work with news that they had purchased an automobile; a 1956 Bel Air Convertible.  After only being in New York for three months, the guys decided it was time for the four of them to move again, this time to New Hampshire.  They were tired of the city and of the buildings.  They wanted open land that they were free to roam.  They settled in Nashua, a small town totally different from New York.

Valerie meets up with a friend from New York named Roxford.  He is a musician and landed a gig in Chicago, so Valerie goes along with him.  She had been looking for a way out of New Hampshire and this was her chance.  They travel along to various places and end up in Boston for the longest amount of time.  Valerie gets a job doing office work.  Her friend Emmaline ends up in Boston, too, and they get back on track with their friendship.

Valerie has become a writer and wants to get her work published.  She writes poems and she writes about their adventures and her life.  She’s trying so hard to get her writings in the right hands.  She went around town with her friend posting fliers advertising her penned working, hoping to catch the eye of someone that  could help her make a name for herself.  She finally caught the notice of the Angry Horse Leaflet and something she had written was published in the paper.

This book chronicles the adventures of a twenty-something and all the experiences she goes through at this young age.  Check out Veronika Carnaby’s official website at or on Twitter at @VeronikaCarnaby.

I give this book three out of five stars.

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  1. I went 5 stars for Bohemia as I really related to the story and thought Carnaby did a great job telling it.

    You can check out my review at my blog.

    Tossing It Out


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