Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Manifest: Ashley's Top 7 Reasons to Read

7.  To prove someone wrong - this is the reason I started the Twilight series and got hooked after I realized I actually did like them!
6. Boredom - every once and a while I seriously just read because I don't have anything else to do.
5. Passes time on long trips - Especially on a plane and in an airport.
4. To learn something new - I love self help and how to books for when I am stuck on a problem either physical or emotional.
3.  I love losing myself in a story. I love the escape from real life and the day to day problems I am faced with. It really helps me relax.
2. Because it gives me something amazing to share with EVERYONE I know! I love suggesting new books to someone and having others suggest books to me :) 
1. Because I LOVE IT! There is nothing I love more than a great book. A great story. Just waiting for the story to unfold before my eyes! There is nothing better than a book!

So there are my top 7 reasons to read. I have so many more but I wanted to keep it to a short list lol :) Seriously if I was left to my own devices I would have had pages and pages of reasons! 

So tell me what are YOUR reasons for reading????


  1. To get away from it all when you can't go on a vacation!

    1. Absolutely!!! Vacations are few and far between for me so it's definitely an escape too!!! Great reason to read!


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