Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jamie's Earliest Memory of Reading

In elementary school we had to read books and give a book reports over them.  I was BIG into the Babysitter’s Club series at that age.  I read them all and couldn’t get enough.  When the movie came out, that was just the biggest and best thing ever – to be able to see all of the babysitters come to life before my eyes was really cool!

One of the reasons I remember the Babysitters Club series so well is because of those book reports.  In one of the books the group of friends had a séance.  What was so fun is that I recreated the séance in the classroom.  I asked my group of girlfriends to help me – we turned off the lights, had candles and all sat around in a circle and did the séance just like the girls in the book!  So fun – and I’m pretty sure I got an A on the book review!


  1. I remember reading the Beatrice books, and loved Berenstein Bears, too!

    1. I love love loved the Berenstein Bears! JUdy blume was also my favorite!!!

  2. You must have had a pretty easy going teacher !!

  3. I did - she was fantastic! Anything to make our reports creative!


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