Saturday, September 29, 2012

How To Drink While Dieting


As someone who has often "battled the bulge" I am often looking for whatever the new and amazing thing is to make my own personal inner soldiers have an easier fight. What I never really thought about before was how EVERYTHING you put in your mouth can make a difference when it comes to losing or gaining weight. I was always great at being the girl that ate healthy, worked out, did everything right and then went out with my friends and drank a few beers on the weekends. Well this book right here has totally transformed my way of thinking about that after hours drink that was probably sabotaging all of my prior efforts.

This book takes you through everything from Chapter 4's Cocktails to Avoid to Mixology lessons to the wonderful recipes (101 to be exact) and choices of wine and beer that are best options .

Michael Cecchin
Some of my favorites (and let me say a big thank you for inviting me to this hop so I can drink without guilt haha):

  • Pomegranate Pizzazz - A Pomegranate/Gin drink;
  • Orange Crush - A blended Vodka/Orange drink;
  • Foggy Nights, Misty Mornings - A delish Tequila shot;
  • Sweet Peach Tea - A Peach Brandy/Tea drink; and
  • Girl Scout Cookie - a Thin Mint in a Martini Glass :)

I definitely suggest you pick up your own copy of this book and enjoy these delicious recipes! I know I sure did :)

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How To Drink While Dieting - Enjoy drinking skinny cocktails as part of ANY diet plan !! 
101 delicious and healthy cocktails inside!! 
As you leaf through the pages you will discover :
How to drink and stay healthy
What Cocktails to avoid
How to mix a cocktail like a pro
What glasses to use for each drink
Comprehensive calorie counts of popular beers and wines
And much, much more.........

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  1. Lol I've had many a 'Foggy Night' !!

    1. LOL I absolutely loved the idea of this shot taking everything and mixing it together and the fog in the glass was an awesome effect! :)


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