Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Wonky Wednesday Post! iPhone 5 Anyone???

So today we are starting a new post series called Wonky Wednesday! It's not wonky because of any reason other than the fact that it's completely off-topic and not related to books at all :) This gives you a chance to learn more about us and us a chance to write about things that may or may not be book related. :)

Well today's post is going to be about the iPhone 5 because I am obsessed with mine! At this point I have had my new phone for almost one week! So here is my breakdown about all of the new features!!!

FaceTime Via Wireless

This has got to be my favorite feature on my new phone! I use FaceTime and Skype A LOT! I have a very best friend who lives in South Carolina and I miss her SOOOOOO much! We talk all the time on FaceTime so I can see her silly face that I miss so much! It definitely helps pass the time between visits :) Definitely great to be able to use this feature anywhere I happen to be and not limit myself to only being able to talk to my friend when I am home! 

Siri 2.0

I was a previous iPhone 4 user and much to my dismay I did not get Siri like my lovely boyfriend did when he upgraded last year to the 4S :( the kicker was HE DOESN'T EVEN USE IT! Tell me that's not a kick in the behind! He has the feature, the ONE feature that really makes the 4S different from the 4 and he doesn't use it! Now I get it all to myself :) a Siri all of my own! I know I had heard in the past that the Siri feature was slow and not all it was cracked up to be but let me tell ya, I LOVE IT! I love being able to send messages and call people all hands free. About 2 months ago the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia went all hands free following the footsteps of many states before it. This Siri is really coming in handy. She's still not as quick as the commercials would like you to believe she is but it serves the purpose she was made for and I am told that she is very smart and the little bits of repeating yourself you have to do in the beginning will go away with time, hopefully!

Longer Screen

Ummm bigger screen? Better Screen?? Yes Please and Thank You Apple!! It isn't a huge difference but it makes a difference when you think about the fact that you get one more row of apps and folders, more space on texting and email and everything else you could think. It also allows me to enjoy my Netflix much more! That half inch or so really makes a difference to me at least. I don't really like the idea of other smartphones that have huge screens that are both long and wide because I have smaller hands so this way the phone is perfect for me. I get a bigger screen and the phone still fits in my hands :) What do you think about the new screen?

Ultra Fast Wireless

Between dual band wifi access and the new LTE connection this phone is fast, fast, fast! Too bad I only have access right now to 4G unless I am in Pittsburgh lol.

Email Changes

The only real thing I am going to touch on is this: ADDING PICTURES (MULTIPLE PICTURES) TO EMAIL AS YOU ARE COMPOSING!!!! Nuff Said!

A6 - Processor 

Seriously I am able to zoom through things on this phone! It is great and amazing and so much faster than my 4 was!

New & Improved Ear Buds

These I don't really see a huge change in. I don't really care for hard ear buds at all. I like my gummy ones so I have no real opinion on this change.

I-Sight Camera

I LOVE THIS FREAKING CAMERA! It is much better than any other camera on a phone that I have had and the better front-facing camera is pretty awesome too! It works out really awesome for the FaceTime app! I also had some fun playing with the Panorama feature at a local high school football game :) I don't see myself using it too much but it is a nifty feature to have if you are on vacation somewhere where you want to capture the view :)
Check it out!

Lightening Charger/Connector

While it sucks that I have to get new chargers for everything, I do love the tiny new charger that came with this phone. It is reversible so no matter what way I plug it into the phone it works. Good bye fumbling in the dark to plug my phone in. It also seems to charge the phone much quicker so that is a great thing in my book :)


I am not all that interested in the map app on the phone but I do like the "3D" thing is kinda cool. Thats about all I have to say about it at this point.

iOS 6.0

The great news about this new feature is it's not just for iPhone 5 users! Anyone can download and update their phone to have iOS 6.0! 

My favorite iOS Feature? The Do Not Disturb feature that allows me to "ignore" a call but send them an automatic text message back saying different pre-scripted notes such as I'm on my way, I will call you later, What's up?, and something more Custom that you chose and type in yourself!!! I seriously love this because sometimes people call at the most inopportune times!

My next favorite feature?? The App store. I really like the set up of it a lot. I like that there seems to be a bit more information in the app description and that there seems to be a few more previews on there. I like the way the free/paid/highest grossing apps lists are set up too

So tell me, did you get the new iPhone 5??? Did you upgrade your phone to iOS 6.0???? If you did or did not do either of these things let me know why!!!

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