Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Books on Tape? Kindle? Nook? Or the Real Thing? How do you read?

Today I have big news and a bit of a compare contrast on different ways to read your favorite books!

I have a tendency to be actively reading anywhere from one to 5 books at a time. How is that possible? Well, I read one on my Kindle, one on my phone (via the Kindle iPhone app), I listen to a book when I work out, I have an audio book in my car CD player and I still randomly pick up real paper books too. The great thing is I never have to worry about a book being in one format and not in another. I can pick up books whenever and where ever I may be and  I can utilize EVERY deal out there because let's be honest when you read as much as I do you NEED all the help you can get or you may end up in a cardboard box with nothing but books around you. Not that that would be a terrible way to live but still I enjoy my central air, comfy couch and amazing bed so free, half-priced, borrowed, or full price books are all just a part of everyday life for me.

So over the course of the last month I have had the opportunity to borrow my lovely friend's Nook to get an idea of the difference between a Nook and my Kindle. Let me tell you something....I missed my kindle. I missed it bad! I missed the ease of navigation and the familiarity that I have come to love. I have learned that people probably like whatever they started using because my best friend has a Nook and LOVES it! I don't know I just didn't like it at all. I did have a first gen Nook with the touch screen at the bottom (which may be why I didn't care for it) and I found it to be quite difficult to navigate. I was fine though once I got to the book I was reading and only had to change pages. That process was exactly what I had to go through with my Kindle so I wasn't that mad after I got to that point. It was getting there that seemed to take forever.

Tell me how do you like your nook???

Now on to my big news! I know this is nothing major to some of you but I found out that my local library offers online rentals of Audio books AND E books! I am in heaven right now! I don't have to leave the house at all to get a new book FOR FREE!!! I just dove into a new audio book that is new to me on audio but I have read it probably 3-5 times in real paper book format! I will tell you that I can't wait to do a review  on this three part series! It is seriously one of my favorite trilogies.

Here is my quick fly through of each book format and why I like them :)

1. Paper books: There is nothing better than turning a page or smelling an old book! I love the feel of a book the smell of a book and the ability to just hand it off to a friend when I am done to share the amazing story I just read. I do not like that they take up so much space though. I live in a small townhouse and I really just don't have enough room for the amount of books I have so most of them are in a box (Gasp! I know right?!?!) in my garage (Double Gasp!!!)

2. Audio Book: This may be my 2nd favorite format to have a book in. I began my love affair with audio books about 8 years ago when I had a pretty long commute and hated that I never seemed to have time to read anymore after my crazy commute, 10 hour days, sleeping and eating. I was randomly in a grocery store picking up a couple of items for the next days dinner/lunch and happened across the book section. There on the shelf was a new James Patterson book that I had been waiting for for about 7 months and all I kept thinking to myself is that I didn't have time to read it and that I would be more upset having the book and having it collect dust. As I was beginning to walk away I was nearly slapped in the face with this small box on the end with the name of the book on it and that is when I fell in love with audio books! I immediately bought that book AND 2 others that I had been longing for and went straight to my car books in hand and a smile on my face! The rest is history! Now I use them mostly when I am working or when I am working out. There is nothing more motivating than listening to a great book that you don't want to pause or stop to keep you pounding it out on that treadmill or bike! It's a great motivator for sure!

and finally last but certainly not least

3. E-books: I am OBSESSED! I have a love affair with my Kindle. I take her everywhere LITERALLY everywhere. She is always in my purse even when I switch to my "small" purse. I took her to two NFL football games (even though I left her in my purse the entire time) and I spend my lunch and the last moments I am awake every night with her. My boyfriend has told me many times that he feels like I neglect him for the Kindle and that he shouldn't have bought it for me in the first place to which I always answer with anger that he would talk badly about my lovely and wonderful device which allows me to carry 700+ books around with me wherever I go. About a month after he purchased the Kindle for me I sat it down on the couch recliner beside me. He came home and didn't look where he was sitting and bumped it into the crease knocking it into the gears of the recliner and promptly reclining it KILLING my Kindle. I seriously, no joke, cried. I was so upset about the death of my Kindle and mad at him for "not paying attention". This argument ended with us waking up and going straight to the store for him to purchase me yet another one that NEVER EVER sits on the couch where careless boyfriend's can knock it to its death! :)

So now I have a couple of questions for all of you!

How do you read? Do you like books that you can hold and smell? Books that you can read no matter where you are? Do you have an E-Reader? When and where do you read most of the time?

I can't wait to hear from all of you because every book worm knows that there is no such thing as too much reading! I can't wait to get tips from all of you on how you manage to fit reading into your busy schedules!


  1. I must say I am old fashioned. I do not like to read on the computer. I like to sit and relax wherever it may be, the lake, creek, beach, my outdoor swing, and read a good old fashioned paperback or hardback book. Digital is not the way to go for reading!!!

    1. I am not a fan of computer reading either. I tend to get bored easily and don't like the constant scrolling! I do love a paperback more so than a hard back though for some reason. I don't know if its my smaller hands but I just can't comfortably hold a hard back for long.

      My biggest Pro for digital (Kindle, nook, e-reader apps on cell phones) is the massive selection I have at my finger tips. I am not a read one book at a time type of girl and when a story starts to lose me or lag in the middle or beginning I like having the option to go to a new book at a moment's whim and having the other book to go back to when I want.

      I must say I am really jealous of your book reading at the lake or on an outdoor swing. Those are two of my favorite places to read!

  2. Love the fact that you are open to all forms of reading too! I am reading a paperback when I'm in the carline, just finished my audiobook yesterday that I listen to while I'm cleaning house and the kids are at school and keep a kindle book of to be read constnatly growing! Love reading!!!! In all its forms!

    1. Cleaning and driving are my two main times for Audiobooks! I am so excited to have the option of "borrowing" auidobooks from my library without having to leave my house.

      I haven't read any paperbacks in a while because of my kindle but I am always on the lookout for them at yard sales or flea markets.


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