Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra D Bricker

Always the Baker is the first book in the Emma Rae series. And you guessed it... It's about Emma Rae!

Emma is, obviously, a baker. A magnificent baker! A creative baker! A DIABETIC baker. The only baker who can't eat all of her creations!
In Always the Baker, you get a look into Emma Rae's background, including her diabetes diagnosis. You then fast-forward into present day, where she's working for a bakery, has an assistant AND won a prestigious award in Atlanta. What more could she ask for?

Insert Jackson Drake. A widow with a sweet tooth... And the CEO of the Tanglewood Inn, a work in progress. Drake's entire family is helping him bring his late wife's dream to life, by turning a boring hotel into the "it" place to get married. The thought of completely transforming a building into a one-stop-shop for all things wedding has Drake, and his sisters, in constant plan-mode. They've got a chef, but they still need a baker!

Emma and Jackson met at the bakery she worked at, in a rather disappointing encounter. Drake was a stranger, and a slightly rude one at that. Emma was a pushy baker who wouldn't give up on trying to sell him HAZELNUT items. Neither was sad to say goodbye. But when Drake tasted Emma's brownies, he knew he had to take some to his ever-helpful sisters.

The to-go brownies and the announcement of the Passionate Palate Award led to the sisters (and Drake's assistant) bringing Emma in for an interview. And who could say no to her plates of samples?

Emma becomes an integral part of the Tanglewood. How big is her part? You'll have to read to find out!!

I give this book 5 stars. YES, you read that right, FIVE STARS!!!
Always the Baker is a wonderful introduction to a series you're bound to love. The characters are ALL ones you'll fall for and each character seems to teach you something.
The wedding industry is a crazy one, you get an inside look at the way a major wedding destination is run, and all the hard word put into every single detail. The look into the life (and thoughts, and inner-arguments) of a widow is one that will open your eyes and pull at your heart strings. And the constant way-of-life for a diabetic will surely teach you a thing or two.

I guarantee you will find yourself completely engrossed in this story and you will feel like you are a part of the Tanglewood Family. And the extra bonus? There are tons of recipes and cake-baking hints thrown in between some of the chapters!! SCORE!!!

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  1. I like the way this book is set up! I see alot of books and reviews and this one looks really intriguing! Brownies! Hmmmm...

    1. Thanks!!! I am glad you like it! Destiny has me chomping at the bit to read this book! It's actually free on Amazon right now for at least today!! I definitely suggest you pick it up for your kindle (or kindle app) and come back and let us know how if you like it or not!


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