Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Teaser Photos From Our Photo Shoot!

So this weekend I, Ashley, traveled all the way from Pittsburgh to Wichita, Kansas to meet up (for the first time ever!) with Destiny and Jamie!!! After talking for months daily and sharing our lives we finally got to meet in person! Let me tell you, these girls were even more amazing than I could have even guessed they would be! I had so much fun at our photo shoot for the site and can't wait to let you all see the rest of the pictures :)

In the mean time here are 8 teaser photo's for you! Please, let us know which one or ones are your favorites! We have a couple of things set up soon that we will be using them for :)


Black and White - How do you like it? 

This was one of our favorites to shoot!

Loved this one!

This was hysterical! 

Finally, Simple and Sweet! :)

So let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites! We would love to know!!! :)

Thank you Crystal from Professor Photo!!! You were amazing! Can't wait to see the rest!!! If you are in the Wichita area please DO NOT HESITATE to call Crystal for a first class photo session! She's amazing and so very creative and I had the pleasure of watching her do Jamie's little boy Ryder's photo session and Crystal impressed me so much with her ability to work with a crazy and amazing little 2 year old! :) Enjoy!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you had fun! Not sure which is my favorite though!

    1. Thanks Janice! We really did have a blast! I assure you that every smile in those pictures are not at all forced lol most of the time I was struggling to not be in mid-cackle when she snapped the pictures! :)


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