Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Ok so Bared to You was AMAZING! It was so amazing that I honestly read it in twenty-four hours and I still managed to sleep and go to work twice!! I had been hearing over and over about how this book was the answer to my Fifty Shades withdrawal and that I should definitely read it but with the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward demanding my full attention and then a blog hop book I just kept putting it on the TBR list and never taking it off.

Well now I can say WOW! It was hot and amazing and all of the above! I loved the characters! I loved Gideon Cross and loved that he was a bit more believable than Christian Grey. Eva was sweet and when I found out (finally) about her past I was feeling quite sympathetic. The sex was hot and not really all that Fifty Shades, but I did find myself blushing a couple of times when reading the raunchy wording that was used. This book is definitely not a prude's book.

Here are my pros and cons people!


  • I loved the characters and the way the author explained their pasts (the ones that she did)
  • The story had the right amount of sexy and comedy to keep me wanting more

  • A couple of the characters were not explained yet. I assume this is because we will learn more in the next books but still it made it hard to follow parts of it when I didn't know what had happened in the past. 
  • This book is a part of a series and I HAD NO CLUE! I kept hearing about this book and wanted to read it and didn't even read the description. I just went off of other people's reviews of the same and boom I was hit with the fact that this book has more to it at the end! I was reading and reading and all of a sudden I noticed my Kindle said it was at 97% and I was no where near the end of the story in my head! After reading the last 3% I went online to every book site there was and saw that there is a second book to the series (not sure how many for sure are going to come out) that is coming out in October! 

Here's my suggestion:

Read the book! Read it now or wait until you have the second one waiting but just read it. Even without having the second book at the ready I am very pleased with this one. It was an extremely easy read and I can't wait for the next one to come out! 

Get it for your Kindle HERE

Get it for your Nook HERE


  1. I love quick reads. I don't get a lot of time to read so I need something that goes fast or I never get to finish it! Thanks for the review Ashley!

    1. I assure you it's a quick read! If you like books that are slightly racy you will love this one! It's a great book!


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