Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Always the Designer, Never the Bride by Sandra D Bricker

Always the Designer, Never the Bride is yet another marvelous book in the Emma Rae series.

In Always the Designer, you get a look into the life of an entirely new character, Audrey Regan. Originally from Atlanta, Audrey moved to the only place an up-and-coming wedding dress designer should be... New York. There she found the best assistant she could ask for (and an extremely fun and funny character), Kat.
Audrey headed back to Atlanta for her friend Carly's wedding. When a big-shot NY client decided she no longer liked any of Audrey's designs, the ever-helpful Kat showed her Carly's dress. Audrey's business was hanging on this one client, so she offered to fly her out to Atlanta so she could see the dress in person. Kat, of course, had to come too!

There is constant drama with this client, and then with an established designer that the client had been secretly conversing with as well. You get a feel for what the wedding dress  business must really be like.

Audrey's got enough problems with keeping her business afloat and trying to please her client, she doesn't need anything else on her plate. And then she meets Carly's extremely handsome brother-in-law, JR. He was smitten from the start, but can he win her over? And most importantly, will Audrey's dreams of making it big finally come true?

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It's a quick read but that's mainly because you WILL NOT be able to put it down. Just when you think the book is coming to an end, there's another crazy twist of the story.
All of the original characters in the Emma Rae series make an appearance in Always the Designer, and you get an update on each of them. Of course Carly is getting married at the Tanglewood, so all of the regular ladies bring Carly, Audrey and Kat into their tight little group. And don't forget about all the lovable men!! If you're craving an update on Russel, this is your book! He plays a large role in the story line, but I won't give it away!

The only part of this book that disappointed me was the end. I wasn't ready for the book to be over!! I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in the Emma Rae series!!!

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