Friday, July 20, 2012

What to Look for In a Good Book

We have been sharing our book reviews with you now for a couple of months, but I thought maybe it would be helpful to know how we pick and choose which books to read.  Maybe tips like these will help you to just pick up a book and know whether or not you should read it and if you’ll like it.

Tip #1: Is the book written by an author you’ve read before?  If you pick up a book by an author you’ve read before – and liked that book, chances are pretty good that you’re going to like the next book, too, and probably any book they write.  My personal love of James Patterson started years ago with the very first book he wrote about Alex Cross.  I rode my bike to the library every other day or so to get the next one in the series!  Because James Patterson is a tried and true author for me, I know that whatever he writes I’m going to love.  I love his characters, I love his short chapters, I love his detailing, and I love his suspense.

Tip #2: Is the book on a best sellers list?  For a book to make it on the best sellers list, it means numerous people have bought the book.  If that many people have bought it, it’s probably a good read.

Tip #3: Read the first three or four pages.  I can always tell after reading the first few pages of a book if I’m going to like it or not.  If I can’t get past the first few pages or if I’m not understanding what the author is saying or if I’m just not getting a good feel from the book, I know that I need to put it down and read something else.  The author should be able to reel you in with that amount of pages, if they haven’t done so, you probably aren’t going to like the rest of it.  Move on to a book you can love and enjoy.

Tip #4: Is the book in a genre that you like?  If you know that you can’t handle reading about murders and shootings and death, you should know to avoid murder/mystery books.  If you know that you want to read a love story find an author that specializes in love stories, like Nicholas Sparks.  If you want a love story mixed in with murder/mystery, you would like James Patterson and Harlan Coben.  If you like to put yourself in a whole new world when reading and really get lost in the book, try a vampire series.  I knew for 100% certain that I didn’t want to read about vampires, but a couple of my friends had read Twilight and absolutely loved it.  I love a good book and this series was/is SO popular, I thought, okay, I’ll get past the vampire aspect and give it a try.  I have since finished Twilight and also read the Broken Heart series, the Undead Series, and the Sookie Stackhouse series – all about vampires.  The suspenseful storylines, the relatable characters, and the little bit of romance make me a sucker for these books (ha!  Sucker!  Vampire!!)

Tip #5: If you don’t understand any of the previous tips, but you’re still curious about whether or not you would like a book…  You can contact Ashley, Destiny, or me with the title and author of the book you’re considering, one of us will read it for you!  We’ll just need to know the type of book you generally prefer, we’ll review it and tell you whether or not we think you would like it!

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