Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Return of the Runaway Bride by Donna Fasano

From Amazon:
Once upon a time...

There lived a lovely young woman named Savanna who was engaged to Daniel, a handsome law student. Theirs was to be a fairy-tale wedding. But Savanna's second thoughts were too big to be ignored, so the would-be bride ran away.

As the years passed...

Daniel's heart turned to ice. It was this unfeeling man that Savanna faced upon her return. The love of her youth was now a stranger. Could Savanna ever make Daniel understand why she abandoned him? And could she convince the man of her dreams he would always be her Prince Charming?

A small town young couple, a big time "scandal."

When Savanna came back to her home town, she had every intention of apologizing (years later) for fleeing on her wedding day. Apologize to who? Her would be husband and in-laws for starters. She is in for surprise after surprise beginning her first afternoon in town, though. Many things have changed over the years, and sometimes just an apology doesn't cut it!!

My opinion: 4 stars
This was a quick read for me, and is just a straight romance. I enjoyed the main story line and all the characters involved in every aspect of the book. You really feel like you're there, surrounded by the small-town "homey" feeling... and all the rumors that go along with it! It was a bit predictable, but has a sort of classic-love-story feel to it which I enjoy after reading books with story lines all over the place.

The best part about this book?
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