Friday, July 13, 2012

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Skeeter was an educated white woman.  Among her friends she was somewhat of an outsider.  She spoke to the help, she had frizzy curly hair, and she didn’t dress as nice as they did.  She wasn’t concerned with the same petty things that those girls care about. 

Skeeter wanted badly to have a job in a publishing house.  The woman there, Elaine, encourages her to gain some experience before she would hire her.  She heads to the local newspaper in town and talks the boss into giving her a job.  She makes $8 a week filling in for Miss Myrna’s advice column about cleaning.  Cleaning is something she knows absolutely nothing about, as she has grown up with a maid in the house all her life.  She asks Aibileen, who is her friend Elizabeth’s maid, if she would be able to help her with the advice column.  Aibileen agrees and they strike up a friendship.  As Skeeter worked on this column, she has an idea for writing a book about the black woman’s perspective on working for the white woman.  She asked Aibileen to help her.  Aibileen is very hesitant about telling the truth about her boss, but then decides that she’ll go ahead and help her, fully thinking that the book wouldn’t go anywhere, and really hoping the readers wouldn’t know that this was about their town in Jackson, Mississippi.

Once word spreads among the other maids that Aibileen and her friend Minny are participating in Skeeter’s book, they want to be part of it too, to tell their story.  They get the book put together and meet the deadline.  The book is printed and hits the stores.  It becomes overwhelmingly popular and everyone wants to read it! 

Many of you have probably read the book and also watched the movie.  I thought there were a lot of similarities and the movie followed along with the book very well.  The book provided more descriptive detail about each other characters and their stories, just as books always do, but it was nice to see the them brought to life and portrayed as the author intended them to be.  Overall, I thought the movie did the book justice very well!

This book receives 5 stars from me, I loved it! 




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